Sidi is able to offer the European standard lift suitable for overcoming architectural barriers – Vast range of Hydraulic Lifts, Traditional Electric Lifts and Gearless Traditional Lifts with or without machine room. They can be installed both inside and outside of residential or commercial buildings. Wide choice of materials and finishes. Carried 360 Kg./900 Kg. – Speed 1 m / s up to a max of 3 m / s – Stops from 2 – 32


The largest freight lifts, dedicated to moving goods only, combine strength, reliability and functionality. Sidi Srl provides, where required, tailor-made solutions for the particular needs of moving goods and / or persons requested by the customer, such as for example: call with remote control, reinforced load plan, special light or sound signals, central or side direct thrust pistons ect. It is the ideal choice for industries in various sectors, warehouses, wineries, mills ect.


Wide range of dumbwaiters / small freight elevators for goods only with capacities from 12 to 300 Kg. Self-supporting structure subsequently buffered according to customer’s choice with any type of material and finish. It is the ideal choice for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Shops and Offices. Minimum Space, Maximum Service.

Lifting platforms

Product of high technology and high reliability born to solve vertical transport problems in small buildings. Small footprint (it does not require the machine room) and low energy consumption make it the ideal choice for private homes / small apartment buildings.

Versatile and safe, great attention is paid to design, studied and designed to allow maximum customization.

Suitable for overcoming architectural barriers COMPLIANT WITH MACHINERY DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC

Capacity Max. 385 Kg – Travel Max. 16.00 m – Speed 0.15 m / s

Chair and platform stair lift

Sidi is able to offer both stairlifts and armchair stairlifts. Both products are the best solution for overcoming stairs and adapt to the needs of the user and the context in which the stairlift is inserted. Both the stairlift and the platform staircases are custom designed and adapt to any type of staircase both inside and outside the building.

An armchair stair lift is the best solution for elderly people, for disabled people or simply for those who want to walk the stairs with greater comfort.

A platform stairlift is the ideal solution for disabled people, elderly people and, in general, for people who have difficulty walking down stairs.