Born in Umbria, in 1988 in Orvieto, SIDI S.r.l. specializes in the construction and installation of hydraulic and electric lifts, elevators, dumbwaiters, lifting platforms and stair lifts.

The professionalism that immediately distinguishes it allows it to expand in the reference market in the central Italy area and especially between the provinces of Terni, Viterbo, Rieti and Rome

It builds elevators and hoists with its own SIDI® brand and markets various brands of: stairlifts, dumbwaiters and lifting platforms.

The highly qualified personnel within its staff, from the designers to the installers and to all those figures who work in the production path of the company, making use of the wise and well-organized use of new technologies, allows it to create systems for very high quality to satisfy every type of request from the public or private client.

For years, Sidi has been actively supporting various associations that daily implement projects and actions of social solidarity:

  • APICI (Provincial Civil Invalid Associations and Elderly Citizens)
  • AIPD (Italian Association of Down People)
  • PMG (Guaranteed Mobility)

We are therefore proud to support a series of initiatives that aim to promote essential services for the social integration of disabled and elderly people.

Special public administrations

SIDI appears to be registered at:

  • MEPA: Electronic Market of the Public Administration
  • ASMEL: Association for subsidiarity and the modernization of Local Authorities
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