The curved stairlift – Viterbo – Lazio

The HANDICARE curved stairlift mod. Feeecurve installed on a 4-ramp staircase, has definitively solved the problems of usability on the 3 floors of a splendid mansion located in the Viterbo countryside. The Armchair moves on a custom-made tubular monorail and is divided into sections that simplify transport and assembly.
The start is at 90 ° and allows to reduce the bulk of the chair on the stairs, once parked at the bottom. The arrival at the top on the second floor on the landing, allows an easy and safe landing.
The engine is powered by two 0.26 Kw (2 × 12 V) batteries. The speed of 6 m / minute is programmed during installation.
Its range is about 125 kg.

Category: Stairlifts

Cliente: Private

Luogo: Viterbo