Northern railways – Rovello Porro (CO) – Lombardia

The SIDI lift systems placed inside the Rovello Porro Railway Station (Como) on the Ferrovie NORD line, following the works to demolish the architectural barriers represent n. 2 plants complying with the provisions of the D.P.R. 162/99 of 30 April / 1999 and the UNI EN 81.2 / 2010 standard.

For each individual system, the hoistway is constructed partly in C / A, and partly with a metal frame made of steel sheet painted with polyester powders.

The frame is in conformity with the ministerial decree of 14 January 2008 “technical standards for construction”. The lift cabins, built according to the UNI EN 81.70 standard, are made of scratch-resistant steel and have a capacity of 1600 Kg (21 people). The only access is a telescopic glass framed door.

The elevators, both built with direct lateral suspension, are respectively moved by a two-stage synchronous telescopic piston.

On the roof of each cabin a trapdoor has been placed with an emergency key that allows, in emergency operations in extreme urgency, the evacuation of people trapped in the cabin stopped between the floors.

Inside the cabin, through the alarm button, a remote assistance system has been created that allows a phonic connection from the cabin and the pit of the elevator shaft, with the L.M. and a synoptic framework placed inside the D.M. available to the operator.

Finally, inside each cabin, a vandal-proof camera is installed with a wide-angle PINHOLE lens and a detection system for any users remaining in the cabin, located at 7 cm. from the floor.

Category: Elevators

Cliente: Rovello Porro (CO)

Luogo: Construction company