Platform stairlift – Museum “Opera del Duomo” – Orvieto (TR) – Umbria

The platform stair lift system recently installed by SIDI in the prestigious Museo del Opera del Duomo located near the Cathedral of Orvieto, has definitively the problem of the accessibility of the museum structure. The sliding guide with handrail function is fixed on the steps with appropriate pillars and follows the curvilinear trend and the slope variations of the staircase. The traction system is ensured by a steel rope pulled by the engine group positioned high near the finish. The vehicle with platform (800 mm wide x 800 mm long) can be tilted manually, has a capacity of 250 Kg and allows easy boarding and transport of wheelchairs of various sizes. The special hot dip galvanizing of the tubes and the subsequent coating of the tubes makes it particularly suitable for outdoor environments, guaranteeing, with regular maintenance, a high reliability of operation over time.

Category: Stairlifts


Cliente: Opera del Duomo

Luogo: Orvieto TR